Nandi Bowe

I have worked in the film and television industry as an assistant director, a writer and a director. After living the last 21 years with my husband, Robin and 3 sons in a trendy, residential neighborhood in Los Angeles, we have packed up our house, sold our cars and relocated to Mumbai, India. This is the story of our adventures as we have moved from Hollywood to Bollywood.

The reason I was able to give away the things I loved, move to a city that I’ve only heard about and set up a home far away from friends and family is because I was recently diagnosed with a chronic disease.   For the first time in my life, I am critically aware that nothing is promised…  It’s’ now or never.  Life was slammed into focus in the way that only trauma, death and chronic disease can inspire.

For a woman who is used to being on set and in the trenches, it is a big pill to swallow and sometimes I choke.  I have had to become more compassionate, more gentle with the world and myself… seeing deeper into souls, not so certain and selfish.  I am not as impatient and absent.  I am quick to laugh and quicker to cry.  I am also more honest and braver.  I say what I think and am less embarrassed by my humanity.

It is with these eyes and this body that I have experienced Mumbai since our arrival in India.  It has been tough at times and sometimes I wonder how we got here, but it is always entertaining and it has constantly been the ride of a lifetime.


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  1. elsie says:

    welcom to Powai Mumbai.Lovely piece from the heart.Welcome to get in touch with us as we have many outdoor activities for kids.Cheers elsie

  2. Corey says:

    I am happy for you and your family Nandi. May you do all the good that God has sent you and your family there for!

  3. Dureyshevar says:

    I am not sure how to subscribe, when I try to click on the button it does not take me anywhere.

    Thanks for all the lovely writing. I look forward to you coming back with a little India in you, in the meanwhile I just became American.


    • nandi bowe says:

      Congrats, That’s wonderful! At the top right hand, you can click the rss tab or the email subscribe or the fb subscribe. Let me know if it’s not working. Love from here, Nandi

  4. Elsa Regas says:

    I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz reply as I’m looking to design my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. many thanks

  5. nandi bowe says:

    My husband used a WP build your own theme and it was not simple. Certainly not something I could not have done myself, get an expert on board. All the best and thanks for reading.

  6. Nadege says:

    Nandi, I read so many blog, I am afraid I now have another one to read. Hope you are doing well.

  7. Susan Dukow says:


    Just contacted Kokai Ampah for your personal email address… would like to discuss something with you. Not sure if my address will show up, but here it is in the event that it does

    Happy Memorial Day in Mumbai!?

    Susan Dukow

  8. Jeht Matous says:

    Blessings and Peace,Queen.
    You came across my mind heavily once again, so I looked you up–once again–and as my father Vern would have it( May his memory be for a blessing), I found you. I am sure that he was guiding me, because I have looked for you, when I feel this way, on many occasions, to no avail. Thanks, Vern
    I love this Blog. I appreciate your openness, and salute your life, Beautiful Nandi.
    I pray that your Mother, Queen Nan is well–please send her my love, and your brother and sister.

    I know you can see my email, please contact me asap.

    Talk soon,

    Jeht Matous
    (Janice Taylor Matous)

    • nand2688 says:

      I will pass on ur love to to Mom. It will be easier making a plan once I am home as she does not get around too well is is not on the computer. She has MS as well.

  9. Freeda Scudder says:

    Nice blog. I somehow have a deja vu when I saw your picture…do your kids go to OIS by any chance ? I’m trying to rack my brains as to where I’ve seen you before…. :) , keep blogging, Ciao !

  10. Bannhut says:

    Nandi you should pay Lisa as your Marketing rep. I now start reading your blog and I like your style of writing. I have had a situation myself when I read yours it was a great inspiration. I will take the time to read all posts. Best of luck and keep on writing…..Bannhut

    • nand2688 says:

      One never knows where the angels will come from and Lisa has been a huge Blog Angel right from the beginning. I am so honored that she continues to share my work so completely with so many. Thanks for reading.

  11. HELLO, my dear Nandi
    Firstly, after thinking about you,desiring to be in touch with you again, wondering where you were and vainly contacting the people you and I knew during Jake Speed in Zim and after, for all the several past years, I absolutely feel so fortunate to have found you, here on your blog:-) -…thanks to technology, for the good(and bad). Next and most importantly, while I am sadly touched by the news of your condition and sympathise with you and your dear ones – I want you to know that, you continue to inspire me, since I met you that many years ago, in Zim. Coincidentally or/and ironically, MS and other conditons also prevail in my family since some few years ago.
    Enough of that, for now. I would be really hounored to hear from you, should your time and wish allow it. Big, big hug, Rita
    P.S. You and J.Hurt as witnesses at my impulsive marriage in Zim! Crazy of me and I thinkhope you equally laugh about that – when looking back? So long, my Dear Nandi<3

  12. nandi bowe says:

    Dear Rita,
    so amazing to hear from you. Please find me on Facebook and then we can email properly. I remember your wedding night vividly. O look forward to catching up. Nandi

  13. Amazing, Indeed! Have sent you a request on FB to the only Nandi Bowe that I found.
    Big hug, Rita

  14. OscarFusly says:

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